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Our Code of Conduct for Responsible Manufacturing

The obligation of social responsibility cannot rest on consumers alone. It is the duty of manufacturers to ensure good, responsible manufacturing practices. At Ten Elves, in doing our bit by being conscious of our processes and material sourcing, we desire to have a positive effect on the planet even while encouraging others around us to do the same.

In a perfect world, every company would do the right thing simply because it was right—but increasingly, socially responsible manufacturing is also making good business sense. It is! Studies indicate that consumers want responsibly produced goods and that people also want to work for socially responsible companies. Ten Elves has reaped the true benefits of this trend by building sustainable processes and demonstrating its commitment to the cause. At Ten Elves, we can vouch for the fact that implementing sustainability practices helps to drive innovation that continues to make us industry torch bearers.

Sadly, not all that glitters is gold. A lot of the sources for material manufacturers are ethically dubious places, particularly in the leather industry. But business experience has shown us that discerning customers love to be reassured of the source of their materials.

All leather used at Ten Elves is selected with great care keeping in mind our duty and responsibility towards the environment. The leathers used in our products come from Indian milking cows that have lived a free life in nature and have not remained confined to milk production factories. Once the cows have served their main purpose of producing milk and have died a natural death, the leather/skin is separated, allowing manufacturers like us to buy the beautiful and versatile by-product, which would otherwise have been destroyed or ended in landfills. In conclusion, these cows are not bred for leather. It is in fact a by-product of the milk and food industries of a country in which millions consume bovine meat as a daily staple.

At Ten Elves, with our increased supply chain vetting, we prefer using LWG certified eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather, recycled canvas, recycled linings, recycled zippers, and recycled biodegradable packaging boxes along with water-based adhesives.

In short, we LOVE nature!

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