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Little Shivangi loved accompanying her father to his leather factory. As she looked at the beautiful things around her, she would dream of tiny elves magically transforming sheets of leather into the lovely pieces of art her father was known for. In her imagination, the factory, and the charmed world of fairy tales – peopled by magical beings and princes – merged into one, each breathing life into the other.


Shivangi would feel the leather between her fingers, play with its texture and feel its soft caress upon her skin. In time she realised that the ten elves of her imagination were really her own fingers. She knew that she was destined to bring life to her own designs, create a brand and carve out a niche for herself in the world of leather fashion.


The name Ten Elves is a tribute to her own childhood memories. For Shivangi’s dreams have now become a reality, riding on her consuming passion and sheer grit to find her place in the sun. The very word ‘leather’ lights up her eyes and she calls the Ten Elves ‘magic makers’. However, she does not wish to conjure a fairy tale world with the wave of a wand. She wishes to build it up painstakingly, brick by brick, giving shape to her imagination with all her dedication.


Ten Elves desires to make its name synonymous with premium perfection. The idea is to celebrate the heights of handcrafted quality that begin in the mind, take the form of unique designs, and are created with the best available raw materials to produce coveted accessories of extraordinarily refined taste and splendid aesthetics.


As opposed to being a range of products that only engage the eyes, Ten Elves will offer pieces of utilitarian art in bespoke packaging. It will attempt to educate, communicate, and enlighten. The tags, the identity of the individual pieces and the standards of excellence – every little thing will contribute to offering the consumer an experience like no other.


Ten Elves seeks not just a premium positioning for connoisseurs to appreciate across the globe, but also to establish an identity that is both sustainable and ethical. In addition to top-of-the-shelf quality, the brand will adhere to the best manufacturing practices at all times. Products will complete the holy troika of happy people using conscientiously acquired and manufactured materials in ecologically viable ways to create artefacts that the discerning feel proud to carry and to call their own.


• We at Ten Elves, strive to be solution-providers in the lifestyle leather accessories manufacturing vertical.
• We are guided by our customers’ vision and toil to craft their passion into styles and designs and to bring to life immaculate craftsmanship.
• Styles that are hot, uber fashionable and yet extremely functional and durable.
• Our underlying philosophy or mantra is to ensure a WOW smile from our patrons and customers.

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