Corporate Social Responsibility

#Donate #Charity #HelpingHand are our only guide.

Every purchase that you make at Ten Elves translates into an offering at a charitable organisation. Help is at the core of everything we do – from our artisans’ personality development and our initiative to immunize all our staff against Covid-19.

Businesses focused on people and the planet hold great potential to change the world, which is why we push for progress and strive to create good wherever we can. We, at Ten Elves hope that our ever-growing community inspires everyone to join in.

Let us all listen to the faint whisper of our consciousness and donate wholeheartedly for the betterment of the many underprivileged. We invite you to click here to know more to donate.

Thanks in advance for your concern… thank you on behalf of many unseen faces, lives, and smiles.

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